PR Lies – Myth Number Two

November 9, 2008

Hello to all reading this.

The last little bundle of PR gold-dust was based around an old chestnut from traditional PR providers of “we’re best buddies with the Editors, we buy them lunch, we can get you in, blah blah blah” and I hope the points raised around Bob Hayward and the strength of his story were useful.

Another little gem is: Myth Number Two – PR Results Take Time.

An outstanding ‘NO!’ to this piece of PR waffle: and here’s an example of why it’s a myth.

In my first PR Management position with a traditional PR Agency, I was attending a new client meeting – it was their first monthly PR evaluation session.

They were told by their Agency Account Director – with a straight face – “not to expect any results for the first six months: we are bedding you in with your target Media.”

MMM…Smelt fishy to me!

Which is why, six weeks later, that same client – with hard work, a great story, determination and a bit of luck – had secured a full page editorial feature in The Times. Not advertising.

I had NEVER dealt with the journalist responsible for that part of the paper. No contact. Not a buddy. No sniff of a free lunch for her, or of one in the future.

Just a great story.

The published item was a significant coup for a small leadership and management training firm in Herefordshire, and the client was so, so happy with the work put in on their behalf.

I thanked them actually, for a great story to work with – it was all reality from their business.

So, if you are dealing with a PR provider who gives you the ‘Media bedding-in time’ line, and that you can’t get results, either ask Why or, even better, walk away. It’s more blah, blah, blah.

Obviously  – it is hard to predict when a client will get coverage – but through hard work, persistence and punchy editorial pieces, a result should come sooner rather than later. Hopefully!

To bolster this point, our last three media relations-based PR clients have all gained publication within the first three weeks of their Agreements being signed. It’s simply about putting in the work, not the Spin.

More to come in due course – hoping that this is useful for those outside the PR sector.


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