PR Lies – Myth Number Three

November 14, 2008

OK, what’s next?

Another PR lie fed to the non-initiated is that of Account Management: do not believe everything you’re told at the PR Pitch, people! Make sure you get regular feedback. Here’s why:

I heard a story from a business contact recently.

My contact had been bowled over by the MD of a regional PR Agency, and had decided to engage them in PR activities. The contact is involved in a specific business niche and thought he was buying into specific PR knowledge, expertise and media contacts – another Myth I will discuss further in another blog soon.

Said contact signed up for a twelve-month PR Media Relations Campaign, and was duly handed over to a low-level, minimally-experienced PR Account Executive, but still on a hefty Retained Fee. Looks like the contact was sold a turkey!

The enigmatic and energetic MD took an immediate back-step and provided no service whatsoever: his experience and years of dealing with the media held no deliverable bearing in the Account Management for the new client.

It was all spin to win him in.

So, when buying PR, do yourself a favour: find out exactly who is delivering on your behalf, and make sure an appropriate fee is in place – insist on regular feedback, including a monthly report as a bare minimum, and also ensure you see what the hourly equivalent is for those services delivered.

Make the PR provider accountable every step of the way.


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