As we head into 2009, one of the most powerful examples of the Attraction not Promotion principle in PR springs to mind, and reminds me of one of the basic tenets of good public relations practice.

I worked with a client back in 2005, a distributor for an American PLC – essentially, health-based supplements and natural ingredients for healthy living. The client was having difficulty promoting the products on their own merit, so a case study was utilised in a daily newspaper, highlighting the example of a woman who had her life turned around from premature-menopausal hell to a normal, healthy and positive life thanks to one of the supplements purchased from the client.

Within 48 hours of publication by the daily newspaper, the client had sold out of the product promoted. The newsroom was inundated with telephone calls from the general public. The health reporter still sends the product to her mother in Scotland.

Great example of attraction not promotion in PR.

Do you have examples of clients benefitting from your business that could help you attract more customers during these credit-crunched times? Would it be useful to gain credible third-party endorsements of your business for PR purposes, rather than continuing to use traditional – and expensive – advertising routes for 2009 as the Recession continues?

Other great examples of Attraction not Promotion in business can be found here, here and here.


Resolution time for 2009!

December 29, 2008

Before you start making a tricky, uncomfortable and possibly unachievable New Year’s Resolutions list, read this for starters and give your social media knowledge a kick-start for 2009. Great post packed with useful hints and tips.

Smiling in the Twilight Zone

December 29, 2008

It’s the twilight zone between Christmas and New Year’s Eve…something to raise a smile here for those looking for laughs.

Best bloggers spill the beans

December 24, 2008

Great inputs here from some of the world’s best bloggers on how to do it in style.

Happy Christmas all!

Top 50 business blogs

December 21, 2008

American companies have seen the PR value to be gained in business blogging for a good few years now, but British firms have been painfully slow on the uptake for getting online and utilising blog opportunities.

This list was first published last year, and I have forwarded it to numerous clients in the UK cautiously considering entering the blogosphere. Have a peek at some of the superb corporate blogs here and imagine the benefits your business could gain by getting up and running in 2009. Your competitors could well be blogging their way to increased exposure and sales already.

Some of my PR companions do not see the value in blogs and blogging, either in the sense of adding value to a company’s PR output, or as a useful editorial resource for customers and the media to tap into.

The USA is way ahead of the UK in terms of seeing the value in blogging for business. Personally, I am a huge advocate of blogging – for me, anything that adds quality PR and thought-leadership into the marketing mix can only be a good thing.

The corporate blogs that first came out of the States from companies such as General Motors have been viewed as seminal case studies in best-practice examples for business blogging – for an American audience of course.

British marketing directors seem to have been reticent to take-up blog platforms and include company content online in this medium – a shame, seeing as it adds value to their marketing spread, whilst also providing customers and the Media with important additional sources of information.

British PR Agencies have been shockingly-slow in promoting blogging to business clients. They seem to fear the openness of blogging, it appears, and only a handful of PR providers are actively adding value in the UK to media sources via client blogs and online forums, where media representatives can source valuable editorial inputs from company directors across the country.

Most UK PR Agencies seem stuck to be in a rut of traditional media relations.

There are some really useful inputs and thoughts here on the reasons why British bosses aren’t blogging.

Online PR developments

December 19, 2008

Short and sweet today!

Found some interesting inputs around Online PR here from a posting earlier this year.

An effective press release is like a perfectly-formed circle. It flows, and ends where it starts. Seamlessly.

Many of the press releases I have seen during my time in the Newsrooms of British magazines and newspapers in the past have been flowing, consistent, punchy, and flowing from start to finish: more importantly, they carry ONE strand of information, ONE central News item to be conveyed, and ONE main media message. Not several bundled into one!

A regular and significant mistake made by business owners and PRs alike when conducting media relations via press release format is to attempt to cram too much information into the copy. Don’t. Keep it simple. One message only.

The Editor you are liasing with will appreciate it, will be able to understand and decide quickly whether they want to proceed your press release to publication, and ultimately, can make the newsworthy judgement call quickly.

Simple fact of press release survival is this – if you don’t add value to an Editor’s readership, your press release is binned. And none of us want to see a potentially good story being spiked by an Editor because of sloppy PR-ing.

More to follow on effective media relations and productive press releases soon.

Movements in micro-blogging

December 15, 2008

Wondering if the current Twitter micro-blogging movement can really be beneficial to your comms efforts? Great inputs here on how to establish a corporate Twitter presence.

Recession-proof PR

December 13, 2008

As we head into a less-than-Festive Season, with PR and marketing budgets being restricted, reduced and reviewed amidst ongoing credit-crunch in British business, here are some great thoughts on recession-proof PR to read and absorb…