The Headline Dilemma

December 1, 2008

Picture this…A short sweet solution for today’s blog.

You’re about to write a press release to go to a variety of media, online and offline. The editorial needs to convey a few key marketing messages, utilising a strong client case study, and in a timely, news-worthy fashion. You know what needs to go in, but you’re stuck on the headline. Aaargh! What to do?

Well, here’s what I do.

Write the press release. Utilise all the facts and figures. Make it snappy. Add great quotes. Write in the style of the publication or website you’re targeting. Don’t write more than 2 pages of copy for a News piece.

Finished? Great!

NOW write the headline. Leave it to last. And encapsulate the entire story in a  1-line header. Go for it.

Try this a few times until it becomes natural and easy – trust me, it works.

Your media relations targets will also love you for it, too.

An example, you ask?

Well, I was PR-ing the Malvern County Show a few years ago, and one of the stalls was exhibiting fashion and work-wear for pooches – a nice little item for the largely-rural visitors to the Show over the 3 days.

Headline to the Press: ”Malvern Show organisers advocate doggy fashion’

Result? Picked up and covered by regional daily newspapers, radio, trade magazines and television within 6 days. Perfect.


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