Why aren’t British businesses blogging?

December 20, 2008

Some of my PR companions do not see the value in blogs and blogging, either in the sense of adding value to a company’s PR output, or as a useful editorial resource for customers and the media to tap into.

The USA is way ahead of the UK in terms of seeing the value in blogging for business. Personally, I am a huge advocate of blogging – for me, anything that adds quality PR and thought-leadership into the marketing mix can only be a good thing.

The corporate blogs that first came out of the States from companies such as General Motors have been viewed as seminal case studies in best-practice examples for business blogging – for an American audience of course.

British marketing directors seem to have been reticent to take-up blog platforms and include company content online in this medium – a shame, seeing as it adds value to their marketing spread, whilst also providing customers and the Media with important additional sources of information.

British PR Agencies have been shockingly-slow in promoting blogging to business clients. They seem to fear the openness of blogging, it appears, and only a handful of PR providers are actively adding value in the UK to media sources via client blogs and online forums, where media representatives can source valuable editorial inputs from company directors across the country.

Most UK PR Agencies seem stuck to be in a rut of traditional media relations.

There are some really useful inputs and thoughts here on the reasons why British bosses aren’t blogging.


3 Responses to “Why aren’t British businesses blogging?”

  1. Whilst blogging can be an excellent way or providing context, content and links, I would advocate a degree of caution when using blogging for these pruposes. It’s all to easy to produce a blog (as it is to produce content pages on your site) which do little else than provide what you think is good content.

    The real measure of success is providing a blog which contains content and context that is useful for your readers. Find out what they want, what is driving them to your site and blog about that.

    Another bad thing about a lot of blogs is lack of updated content. If you’re going to have a blog make sure you keep it update on a regular basis. And make sure you stick to that period at least. Aim to update at least once a week. Whatever period you set, don’t make you updates less frequent than this. This will ensure regularity for your readers, subscribers, consumers and the search engines who by this time should be indexing your content.

    And set up an RSS feed from you blog. Aside from search engines there’s lots of services out there that will find it and index your content.

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Adam

    Many thanks for your comments and inputs – much appreciated. And sensible advice given to boot.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that one of the main purposes of a blog must be the value it provides the readership. Great content always wins.

    And I have also seen blogs which contain poorly-veiled attempts at SEO keyword plugging, irregular content updating, product and service promotion without content value, and many, many other excuses for good, informative, stimulating, content-based genuine business blogging out there.

    I won’t – of course – be naming any of those blogs but I am sure you have encountered a few blog turkeys in your time!

    I would say that with the right mix of expertise, sector knowledge, appropriate blog set-up, and the advice and assistance of blogging experts and strong content, any would-be business blogger can make a success of the blogosphere and win attention, exposure and hopefully sales in 2009.

  3. […] 19, 2009 As you already know from previous posts, I am a huge advocate of the power of blogging for beneficial PR impact – and this fabulous story […]

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