Attraction not Promotion in 2009

December 31, 2008

As we head into 2009, one of the most powerful examples of the Attraction not Promotion principle in PR springs to mind, and reminds me of one of the basic tenets of good public relations practice.

I worked with a client back in 2005, a distributor for an American PLC – essentially, health-based supplements and natural ingredients for healthy living. The client was having difficulty promoting the products on their own merit, so a case study was utilised in a daily newspaper, highlighting the example of a woman who had her life turned around from premature-menopausal hell to a normal, healthy and positive life thanks to one of the supplements purchased from the client.

Within 48 hours of publication by the daily newspaper, the client had sold out of the product promoted. The newsroom was inundated with telephone calls from the general public. The health reporter still sends the product to her mother in Scotland.

Great example of attraction not promotion in PR.

Do you have examples of clients benefitting from your business that could help you attract more customers during these credit-crunched times? Would it be useful to gain credible third-party endorsements of your business for PR purposes, rather than continuing to use traditional – and expensive – advertising routes for 2009 as the Recession continues?

Other great examples of Attraction not Promotion in business can be found here, here and here.


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