How to become a Comms all-rounder in 2009

January 14, 2009

Effective and sustained PR will deliver up to a point.

I am sure you already appreciate this, if you’re utilising a number of channels to promote and pursue good contacts, leads, public relations and media exposure for your business, products and services.

It is a sign of extreme optimism and/or commercial naivety, however, to expect PR to deliver ALL the leads and new client contact for a business. Saying that, we had a Client who sold out of a product utilising only the media relations activities we were conducting for them. But this kind of PR success is very, very rare indeed, of course.

This point is highlighted excellently here by Jeremy Dent, with a great tick-list of avenues to utilise and engage with: a thorough, rounded, and balanced series of PR & Marketing tools and techniques will always bring better results, contacts, new clients, media inquiries etc than a single point-of-contact approach to good Comms out there in 2009.

Thanks for the post Jez – it’s a cracker.


2 Responses to “How to become a Comms all-rounder in 2009”

  1. Getting the balance right between online and off, pay-per-click and natural search, advertising and PR, professional copywriting and a natural blog style is always a challenge but so much is now measurable.

    Thanks for the highlight, Chris.

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Jez

    Thanks for the inputs and additional comment here – much appreciated.

    Your overviews and mix of online, offline, natural and marketed search tactics are wise counsel indeed: too often, small business owners rely on one method only, and then wonder why the results are always lower than their expectations!

    Balance required, of course, to gain the best possible return.

    And by return, I do not necessarily mean financial return. The value of positive recommendation and clear content still remains, for me, paramount.

    Thanks again Jez. Best wishes as always,


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