Online PR – can you keep up? Can you afford NOT to?

January 26, 2009

One of the main things which seems apparent when examining the impact of the Web on PR is, to me, the sheer speed at which comment, opinions, facts, News, blogs, and the general flow of information, seems to pass through the online portals. Only the smartest businesses are keeping up.

As has been discussed here, the days of submitting to print Media under highly-measureable deadline structures for PR Campaigns is long gone. Today’s media consumers demand 24/7 updates, News feeds, inputs and comment portals for their opinions to be heard, seen, registered. An absolute minefield for the uninitiated.

Just as the changing nature of online journalism has been discussed today in the Media Guardian in an excellent article by Jeff Jarvis, so the PR debate seems to run and run. As more and more potential consumers/audiences/buyers go online and get involved in the general creation of content, News, Features and opnions, so this changes the Media and PR landscape, and alters the accepted rules of PR engagement.

Many traditional PR providers have fought the battle to understand Online PR by simply refusing to get involved in it. No submissions to online Editors. No monitoring of Web news. No establishing of client blogs for their benefit.

And why don’t these PRs bother? They seem to refuse to monitor, measure and then report to Clients on the huge, huge…let me say it again…HUGE benefits…of building and maintaining an online presence through PR submissions, blogs and the like. With such massive migration of consumers and advertisers to the Web, what kind of contemporary PR Campaign does not include this into the roll-out for PR delivery?

The media and PR landscape is changing whether or not we like it. Responding rather than reacting is bound to bring more positive outcomes for Clients and business owners delivering their own online PR and blogging Campaigns during 2009.  But the pace is so fast and chaotic. Should you bother trying?

Perhaps a more pertinent question is Can you afford NOT to get involved?


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