Branson utilises customer complaint for PR victory

January 30, 2009

Encouraging to see that Sir Richard Branson is still enamoured with the positive use of PR, following the publication this week of a stunning complaint letter received at Virgin Atlantic.

The customer’s letter, which is amazing, has been pushed out across various networks by Branson’s Director of Corporate Communications Paul Charles – who also made no secret of the fact that Branson had also personally called the aggrieved traveller to discuss the quality drop in cuisine experienced on his flight to Heathrow from Mumbai.

The complaint letter has been listed as one of the best customer complaint letters ever written – but, of course, in light of the humour and intelligence used by the author, this sits comfortably with the Virgin Brand.

It’s a great piece of PR from the Branson team, and clearly highlights that even a negative experience can be utilised with a bit of clarity and forward-thinking to add further exposure to a winning global Brand. No coincidence, perhaps, that the complaint letter was issued across the Internet around the time our television screens are pushing the current Virgin Atlantic 25 Years’ 80s-Retro Ad Campaign.

To be fair, Branson has always had his eye on the publicity machine, and this latest exercise highlights that he still keeps the PR rolling. Hell, he’s even blogging now too.

If a global Brand such as Virgin see the value in viral PR techniques, alongside blogging – what’s stopping you?


One Response to “Branson utilises customer complaint for PR victory”

  1. Dr Wright said

    Most of us are so caught up in our businesses we do not have time to see what the complaints are really about. How can we improve?

    We certainly do not wish to tell our mistakes to others! So we miss the PR opportunity!

    Dr. Wright
    The Wright Place TV show

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