Winners quit in PR – and here’s how

February 6, 2009

There comes a time, as with all things, when quitting your PR is the right thing to do.

Quitters can win, and as discussed in Seth Godin‘s excellent book The Dip: winners in business quit, they quit often, they quit quickly, and move onto the next challenge without remorse, fear or guilt. Superb reading for a fear-based, economically-receeding climate in which conducting public relations activities can be tricky in the extreme.

I am a huge believer in not pursuing public relations activities if a journalist or Press contact is not receptive – simply move onto the next target Media and start up a fresh Pitch.

To be fair, if the story is strong enough, well prepared, within deadline restraints and provided with great images, there is no reason why a public relations push for a client should be met with abject rejection from the Press.

Sometimes, of course, you can just catch a journo on a bad day – hey, we all have them.

So – know when to quit. Quitting on a poor Press contact (at least, quitting on that particular Pitch) can free you up to be creative, positive and enthused with another Media contact. And maybe to achieve PR success with that publication.

Never say never, but know when to quit. If you pester a Press contact, the relationship is pretty much over for ever. You get one chance and one chance only in PR terms, so use it wisely.


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