Dispensing with rationality for PR success

February 16, 2009

After the most Romantic weekend of the year comes to a close, a great article by Guardian Economics Editor Larry Elliot today, highlighting the merits of taking a more creative approach to the ongoing Recession in finding ways to cope, manage and thrive amidst widespread financial stagnation.

Strikes me that this can also benefit your business’s PR and Comms efforts too. And here’s how.

Elliot talks about ‘passion’ and ‘dispensing with rationality’ in his fascinating article, and from a PR perspective this raises endless possibilities for the small business owner looking to convey key positive messages during a downturn.

Here’s a  few suggestions:

1. Delivering positive, upbeat, inspiring press releases and News stories to your target media

2. Launch an unusual competition, with highly-publicised results and Winner awards

3. Submit the results of a different, innovative Survey to online News sites

4. Ask your customers what 1 free thing they would like to receive from your business in March (within reason) then publicise it

5. Organise a press day and hire a press photographer to record the event – then submit the images and News to trade magazines, online News feeds, business contacts blogs and the media’s inboxes for their usage

6. Ask your employees to give 1 creative improvement idea into the business: the best 1 wins a weekend away for 2

See? Getting creative need not be painful or time-consuming: it’s about taking 30 minutes away from your business – ideally out of your business – and creating some unusual, interesting and exciting ideas and strategies to excite your customers, your media. And yourself.


2 Responses to “Dispensing with rationality for PR success”

  1. Terrific Information and incredibly useful.

    Many thanks,

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Karl

    Hope you’re well.

    Many thanks for the comment, and am pleased that you found the blog useful! Nice clean website you have too. Feel free to post the blog onto colleagues and contacts if it will help them, of course.


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