Personal branding: push your PR and get Google-wise…

February 25, 2009

Interesting proposition around personal branding and blogging here today.

According to Hans Kullin, personal and business blogs are essential in shaping, defining and maintaining a positive brand online – failure to do so, he warns, will result in online perception being moulded about your business by others. Which is good if they are satisfied clients, but it still needs your factually-correct and objective inputs.

And a blog, of course, is one of the best places to promote yourself and your business – brand ‘you’ in effect.

Google remains a primary source of online information, as we know, for millions daily: and your reputation, online status, product offerings, and added-value services need to be found there. Obviously.

SEO and keyword optimisation has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and is now a part of any online PR exercise, whether that be website copy, online press release distribution or blog posts.

A failure to ignore the importance of writing a personal blog or business blog to maintain and improve your online PR standing is tantamount to thinking that a website is just a shop window. Hello?! Wake up!

For example: this blog is more about the ethics and ethos of delivery behind KickStart Comms. It gives an overview of the things that interest us, with some great client feedback and testimonials, and a bit of humour.

Not, having seen this, it might help a potential client to work with us. It might not.

That aside, try typing into Google a few keywords around key phrases for your business and see what appears – are you all over the first page or not? Are your competitors? Is your online PR and blogging strategy working?


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