What do Sex & the City and skateboards have in common?

March 2, 2009

The answer is bubbles. Aero bubbles to be precise.

As reported in today’s Guardian Media, corporate giant Nestlé have unveiled their latest attempt in wooing buyers – and they’re going for a more balanced approach than the previous Sex & the City male hunk explaining about choccie bubbles advert: this time, to draw in a younger male and female audience, it’s through the medium of skating.

Great advert and a fantastic piece of PR: it has increased appeal to both sexes, utilising scurrmy, yummy, fun bubbles on a skateboarding circuit with a backdrop music score from the Jacksons. Light, easy on the eyes and ears. Almost…fun…

Raises a different question in PR terms though – that of branding positioning and audience/customer perception. Would you risk re-positioning to appeal to a wider audience? Would you go for another market, even if you knew that your current PR and marketing efforts were working well on a specific target audience? It is tempting, when you have a PR hit, to keep talking to the same audience for further interest and sales. Hats off to the corporate Comms and marketing team for stepping out.

Let’s face it, the previous Aero campaign was hugely successful, and we all recall the female voiceover saying “Oh, was he saying something?” as Sex & the City actor Jason Smith cavorts around the telly talking about bubbles and body temperature.

Not convinced if the current skate routine from Bob Burnquist will have the same effect on a female audience, but seeing as Nestlé have allegedly invested £7m in the campaign, they must be feeling pretty confident their latest take on bubbles will hit the sweet spot, so to speak.


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