Get online, get visible – get more business

March 13, 2009

Great post here from today, highlighting the experiences of journo turned PR turned free content contributor Steve Jackson, on his blogging and related adventures in various parts of the globe.

Some of Jackson’s previous journalistic and commercial PR background inevitably gives a fuller flavour to his blogging, but the overall points are made with clarity, commercial insight and a hefty virtual nod to the power of getting online and writing for a variety of sites. It may be for free, but the longer-term benefits have been clear for Jackson to date.

This raises a wider point from a PR perspective too – are you contributing expert copy, insights, value and demonstration of positive PR all adds weight to persepctive clients looking at your work, your services, your ethos and above all, how you deliver. I am a huge advicate of this way of promoting clients in an on-demand, virtually-open environment.

Remember, just because you aren’t getting paid for every piece of content you submit onto the blogosphere, online forums, newspaper and magazine feeds etc, it doesn’t mean that there may not be a longer-term pay-off for you, your business and your overall PR efforts. PR is also about reputation management, of course.

Great post from Jackson – and his blogs are well worth a closer look.


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