Well, if it’s good enough for the FT…

March 20, 2009

Interesting story here today regarding the launch by the FT of a new, dedicated business-focused search service called Newssift.

The story is particularly relevant, at a time when despite the increased push for free content online, there are still innovative publishers, such as the Financial Times Group, which is seeking to derive additional revenue streams online in the face of increasingly-poor offline sales.

This also raises a question from a PR perspective.

If the FT, with the strength of it’s Branding, history, heritage, and loyal readership, is dipping into Deep Search and the like online to claw additional revenues from the Web, what are you doing to promote your business online and gain extra revenues and clients via the Internet?

We’ve already seen in previous posts how few British business are blogging, utilising the Web, carrying out effective online marketing schemes, talking to online Press…generally, relying on old-school comfort zones to draw in limited revenues. This is a precarious position to place your company in, let alone during the grip of a global recession.

If, as a PR provider, we had a company which was utilising only traditional Methods to get new business on board and promote themselves, via traditional advertising campaigns only, it is highly likely that unless they were willing to go through a lengthy Audit process with significant improvements for business generation to happen, that we would be able to help them with contemporary PR tools and techniques. You only get out of it what you put in, as they say.


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