Paparrazi go into feeding frenzy over ex-Banker

March 23, 2009

Interesting post in today‘s Media Guardian about the latest and hottest target for Press paparazzi…guess who? Nope, not Madge, Jacko…or even Royalty…it is, according to Armstrong’s article…former RBS Chief Executive Sir Fred Goodwin. He is the hottest paparrazi figure to gain shots of right now, earning huge amounts for Press photographers.

Following Goodwin‘s blank refusal to hand back a single penny of the incredible pension awarded in the light of even more incredible financial failures, the ex-RBS Boss has become gold-dust for Media snappers. Goodwin has apparently been forced to go to ground – at all of the various UK and European homes he currently owns. Ah, bless him.

Looks likely that the Media will be interested in this story for a while to come yet, of course, seeing as the entire Nation continues to be gripped by the results of poor banking practice in the UK. Well, according to the Press.

Certainly, in PR terms, the Heads of financial institutions are well advised to keep their heads below the parapet for the imminent future – after all, some crisis PR exercises simply cannot be won. Or drawn, for that matter.

There were always going to be PR winners and losers in the financial disaster that has been recent months in various parts of the business Press.

Goodwin was looking like a potential winner, but bearing in mind that so many 100s of journos have lost their jobs, not to mention the fact that pretty much every newsroom reporter and editor in the UK knows of, or is close to, at least one person who has been affected by the mis-management of corporate banking in recent months, it hardly looked likely that the CEO and figurehead of said institutions would escape the Media eye.

Pick your quotes carefully in PR – and be even more careful how you treat the Press: you never know when you’ll need a journalist on your side, as today’s example from the Guardian highlights with the belligerent Goodwin.


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