Number One PR Tip? Keep it simple!

March 27, 2009

I seem to have been coming across different blogs all saying the same kind of key things today – which got me thinking about the top tips I would pass on if I had to tweet in 140 characters my favourite PR methods for success.

Great post here from copyblogger, advocating the simple route for effective communications, and excellently highlighted from observations by literary giant Ernest Hemingway. Don’t forget, all good PR starts with communicating a key message. It needs to be simple, concise and clear – whether it’s going to the Press or direct to a potential customer.

Another strong posting here from Shannon Paul on her guest blog at Rowse’s outstanding source of information and guidance at ProBlogger. Paul advocates simplicity and clarity in writing. I am a huge advocate of her point to ensure that ruthless editing takes place of all writing – this is SO crucial for delivery of effective PR on our on-demand Age.

My top tips for effective PR copywriting and delivery? My top six would be:

1. Keep it simple – what is the heart of what you’re trying to say? Get to it and quickly.

2. Remember who you’re talking to – never patronise the Press or your potential buyers.

3. One message at a time – don’t bombard them with numerous points. Make one point, and do it bloody well.

4. Don’t confuse with jargon or industry-speak – the Media are not impressed, and it will bore your customers.

5. Demonstrate expertise but not arrogantly – highlight your experience, but do so with a slice of generosity.

6. Give your audience exactly what THEY want – remember, it is NOT about you.

Happy trails on a sunny Friday afternoon. Additional top tips welcomed here of course…


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