What a surprise! PRs are tweeting for Clients…

March 30, 2009

Following the surprise News in the New York Times today that US star 50 Cent employs a publicist to tweet for him, it raises questions – hardly surprising ones – as to the nature and integrity of Twitter posts.

I am shocked that the general Public has believed for this length of time, actually, that celebrities are actually tweeting themselves – after all, the ghost-writer and ghost-blogger have been around for years (hell, we were ghost-blogging more than six years ago to British business audiences on behalf of UK Clients) so to see the relevation of the ghost-tweeter is not a huge surprise.

Maybe it will highlight that there is one simple truth – despite the communications medium, if it can be PR-ed, it will be. Cynical? Perhaps, but if we believe everything we see in the Media, then the year 1955 starts to look very attractive indeed. Not long after that, and we’ll all be believing the stories in the Daily Mail…and so it goes on. Shrugs.

By the way – would YOU employ a ghost-tweeter? After all, 140 characters takes skilled writing at times…


2 Responses to “What a surprise! PRs are tweeting for Clients…”

  1. Nikki said

    I’m amazed at the controversy surrounding this whole ‘ghost tweeting’ revelation.

    If people pay others to write articles, blogs, press releases and training manuals, why shouldn’t they pay others to manage yet another extension of their online brand, Twitter?

    Running a successful Twitter account can take time and knowledge – it’s not just ‘What I had for breakfast’ any more. Why shouldn’t busy people pay others to do this for them?

    I don’t understand the fuss…

  2. bristoleditor said

    With you all the way on this Nikki.

    We’ve seen the messages massaged through various mediums for thousands of years – indeed, it’s my core writing skill. Re-writing and issuing clients’ messages…online, PR, editorial, etc etc etc.

    I think ghost-writing in whatever medium, online or offline, is a huge growth area for us creative types – I embrace it rather than find it ‘ingenuine’ to blog, PR, tweet, and otherwise represent clients who cannot do it for thmeselves.

    Great inputs – many thanks!

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