FT journalists get training – but who’s training the PRs?

April 6, 2009

Great story here about the training programme in place for 2009 covering new skills being given to FT journalists. Bravo.

According to journalism.co.uk the scheme will give journalists at the National the understanding, tools and techniques to delivery effectively as modern media practitioners. Contemporary skills such as editing in a digital age.

My biggest concern is – fine, but who’s giving these skills to the PRs out there? The British PR fraternity has a terrible and stubborn resistance to embrace digital media, blogs, online foums, tweets, facebook and the like. Even in London!

You know, the sort of PR Agency which thinks that an annually-updated glossy, expensive company brochure is effective as a means of widespread communication. And yes, there are still PR Agencies out there like this.

It’s one thing to educate journalists, but until the PRs out there embrace our digital age, media relations will remain firmly with one foot in the past – well, in the UK at least.


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