How consistent is your PR?

April 8, 2009

Great story here today, which got me thinking about consistency in PR.

It appears that ethically-branded and PR-ed smoothie firm Innocent have sold between 10 and 20 percent of their shares to Coca Cola, netting the three Innocent co-founders a cool £30 million.

Is, however, selling shares to a global giant corporation with a less-than-perfect record on ethical trading, such as Coca Cola, really going to be seen as consistent in the eyes of innocent’s global audience? Is it possible to give consistent PR after doing this deal?

Which got me thinking about consistency in PR in general – how many times, for example, have you seen a business carry out a PR campaign for three or six months, make all the right noises, engage the Press, gain column inches, start to build a positive reputation – and then leave further PR for two or three years, or until they have a new product/service to launch? Familiar?

What message does this send out to the Media and their audiences? What message does Innocent’s deal today send out there?


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