The most powerful PR tool is…

April 14, 2009


Wondering how Brand-You can make a significant difference in winning media and buyer attention? Not sure if personal PR can utilise press leverage and convert column inches online and offline into cold, hard cash? Unconvinced that personal Branding and powerful personal PR techniques – such as positioning yourself as the expert in your field – can really make a worthwhile difference to your bottom line?

Well – read this story.

According to the Guardian, Tony Blair is on track, through personal speaking engagements and City consultancies – not to mention television appearances, article writing and other PR pushes – to be earning in the region of £18 million in the two year period after leaving office.

Now, it is fair to say the bargaining power of having been a UK Prime Minister will inevitably demand a higher average fee per appearance, speech, article submission etc, but the fact remains that Blair Incorporated is one of the most effective money-making PR machines on the planet today. And this isn’t including Cherie’s inputs of course.

Now, as a PR person, I have to admire the way the Blairs have got out there, promoted themselves and converted their potential PR-ability into hard cash. Whether I personally like Tony or Cherie is largely irrelevant in this context.

So, having read the hyperlinked article, ask yourself what you’re doing to PR yourself today.


One Response to “The most powerful PR tool is…”

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