Misinformed PRs will de-value social media

April 16, 2009

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

The screaming hordes of increasing Tweeters, the bloggers informing us they are going to tweet, the chat, hopelessly banale blogs, endless re-tweets…etc etc etc…where is it going to end? Now the PRs are on the bandwagon, watch out.

I suggest that a valuable viewpoint has been raised here today, with wise words indeed from London PR guru Mark Borkowski, when he asks how long it will be before Twitter is completely de-valued by the marketers and PRs.

The constant stream of PR-infused inputs into celebrity tweets has, of course, come to light in recent weeks – but this is just the start of what will be yet another filtering down of thought-provoking, useful, debate-generating conversation into thinly-veiled sales messages.

Hey, I’m not being cynical, just looking at what usually happens when so-called hip and happening PR and Marketing Agencies jump on the latest comms bandwagon.

It’s a great post from Borkowski, and raises some genuinely interesting, valid and valuable points.

People who tweet and blog because they think they should – not because they add value. Good conclusion Mark.


2 Responses to “Misinformed PRs will de-value social media”

  1. Thanks for the support. Its important to stay focused on the issues .

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Mark

    Many thanks for your comment – much appreciated. Based on your spot-on comments and clarity on the issues involved, you have a new Raving Fan here! Bravo.

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