Extending your PR reach is not rocket science: the 10 PR Commandments

April 29, 2009

I was thinking about an earlier post here regarding Brand-You and how to increase PR reach for novice practitioners today. A few thoughts struck me on the nature of basic PR and how to utilise the best parts of effective PR to deliver great results for you.

Here’s a starting point: if I had to define the Top 10 things to remember in delivering good PR on behalf of clients, they would be as follows:

1. Remember it is the story that counts, not the ego

2. The editor is not your pal, he is a media professional looking for editorial of interest to a discerning and fussy readership

3. Your PR will be competiing with many other stories and news items hourly

4. Make sure you have something different, interesting and unique to offer

5. Get to kow your target publications and media thoroughly before you make any direct PR-based contact

6. If your PR gets knoekced back the first time, deal with it. Be persistent and take a different angle next time

7. Make sure you supply outstanding images with all PR submitted

8. Remember that there are different rules of media engagement for online vs. offline media

9. PR yourself widely, across as many sources, publications, forums, blogs, tweets as possible

10. Get ready to deliver consistent, month-after-month PR. One-off hits usually under-deliver


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