Find the ‘iPhone differentiator’ in your business

May 1, 2009

Reading this story today regarding the rise and rise of Apple, largely through their iPhone sales, got me thinking about the power of differentiators and innovation as drivers for effective PR, irrespective of the economic climate.

Think about what you do, sell, offer or whatever, which is different to your competitors. Do you provide anything, via services, products or consultancy,  which is different, unique, exciting? Yes? Good, harness it and promote it ruthlessly.

Look at the results for Apple: 3.79 million iPhones sold to date across 81 countries. Customers love the experience of using an iPhone. It is unique, fun, different, exciting and rewarding.

Do you offer this experience? If you don’t, why not? It all comes back to people buying into the experience.

Ask yourself this potentially-difficult question: how would you define the experience of doing business with you? Can you define it? Are you happy with it? Do you provide added-value, uniquely over-and-above that of your competitors?

Testimonials count! Look at these examples: they talk about the experience of doing business, not just the positive results also gained. The message here? Before you PR your business, discover the ‘iPhone differentiator’ and use it.


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