Is your PR as lazy as this?

May 15, 2009

It appears that the upturn in the economy has not been noted by the PR team which produced this clanger, as pointed out by the excellent Guardian’s Media Monkey this week. Another poorly-constructed, unimaginative spin on the recession angle. Yawn.

Is your PR as lazy as this? If you’re still riding the economic downturn wave, it is likely that you’re going to have switched off the Press before you even click ‘send’ so do yourself – and the Media – a favour, and get creative with your press releases…

Nothing irritates editors more than a lazy, dubious piece of PR spin, such as a ‘survey’ which highlights nothing more than the lack of editorial talent in a PR team’s weekly brainstorming session.

Coming from a newsroom background, I was always of the understanding that a good PR creates and delivers new angles, exclusive information, and real value to my readerships – not dross. Ok, so this is a rant, but a recession-angled ‘Britons turn to curry to beat the economic blues’ is just so wrong!

Please, please, please make sure you create imaginative, exciting and original press releases for your target Media.


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