A classic PR U-turn…

May 29, 2009

Exposed here, as reported in the Guardian and surrounding the decision of Neal’s Yard Remedies’ (NYR) PR team not to engage in an online discussion and debate, having previously committed to it.

PRs doing U-turns? Nightmare.

As a business contact of mine once said…If you’re doing what you say you will, when you say you will do it, and on the agreed budget, you’re already doing better than 80% of businesses in the UK…how those words ring true around this U-turn today.

After all, if NYR are claiming their green credentials as a major selling point, the PRs there should answer questions from consumers around these claims. Excellent points were made on the subject by both Max Clifford and Mark Borkowski.

It is always easier to defend a strong, solid position than attempt to re-negotiate a stumbling, lost point with the Press.


2 Responses to “A classic PR U-turn…”

  1. Alex said

    Spot on, always better to do the right thing when you say you will and in a way you’ve already agreed too.

  2. Alex said

    Spot on, so many firms fail to simply do what they’ve said they will which is terrible for consumer confidence.

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