Twitter: Changing the comms landscape vs. Another media fad

June 1, 2009

According to today’s Media Guardian, the tweeting phenomena is most definitely changing the comms landscape rather than just being another media fad – although, of course, Twitter may well be replaced by the latest contender in another 18 months or so.

Time will tell.

The interesting point about the article, for me at least, is the way in which journalists are slowly – very slowly – coming to terms with the fact that great news leads can be obtained by simply following the pubic timeline of tweets on any given day.

And the same can be said of PRs too: most traditional PR firms are scared witless by such media tools: the long-standing approach is ‘if the client can measure it as easily as we could, don’t give it to them – maintain the “Dark Arts/We have All the Press contacts/For the love of God, don’t empower the Client” party line, which is a real shame.

A shame for client. A shame for positive PR. And a shame for the most important element – the audiences.

Then again, when was the last time a traditional/old-school PR agency really cared about the audience?


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