If the offline Press are failing, where do you submit your PR?

June 3, 2009

Testing times ahead for PRs and those looking to deliver PR for themselves, according to this today.

If advertisers are reducing and cutting their spend across significant numbers of newspapers and magazines, where do you place your clients’ PR? After all, if advertisers are down, readers are down, hence the value of distributed PR to your client to these channels would also then be less.

Maybe traditional PRs don’t care – or they aren’t giving the full range of media channels to their clients because they don’t want to invest resources in fully understanding the awesome potential of online and digital PR for contemporary clients.

PRs, and those delivering their own PR, need to urgently consider the media relations aspect of their comms efforts right now: the way digital media and online interest is continuing to move, the smart PRs will invest in digital PR and online media relations, to give clients more value, reach and exposure.

The old-school brigade will continue to talk about their fabulous relationship with the soon-to-be redundant section editor at any given National newspaper, no doubt. Yes, it’s part of the mix, but the move towards online PR must, must, must be included.

Smart PR? Get online, get digital and get a measurable return on your PR investment. It’s all about online content, folks.

Get out there: set up a blog with planned content and posts, utilise industry forums, post comments on News sites on relevant issues, contact online editors of your preferred newspapers and magazines. Make the changes, before your PR becomes redundant.


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