Measurement is everything – especially online

June 10, 2009

Which does not necessarily justify this today, either in PR measurement terms, consumer tracking terms, or indeed even in human rights terms.

The news that ad specialists Phorm have acquired £15M investment funds to continue trials of technologies ot track internet users movements via their ISPs is good news for the marketers, but could lead to serious infringements, of course.

In PR terms, being able to identify exactly where a consumer sector are going, staying, re-visiting, entering sites and exiting, is great news in relation to spotting trends and pitching brand messages accordingly.

Not that, in reality, many UK PR firms are this switched on to the realities and opportunities represented within the internet: the perceived cost of measuring and managing influence online is keeping many PR agencies and clients firmly locked into print options only. Whilst a sea of customers drift past them, accompanied by hordes of potential online customers.

The issues in terms of privacy are something else, and this will remain a thorny subject.

As PRs are forced to consider online technologies rather than lunch with yet another Editor, the above could well prove important in leading new customers to their clients’ doors. Measurement is, after all, everything – especially online.


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