Inject creativity into your PR to thrive

July 24, 2009

And here’s why. Great article on innovation and creativity from the Times, and it raised a few thoughts from me around PR usage.

Imagine these two scenes:

Scene 1: A traditional PR Agency is representing a client, via the usual uninspiring route of press releases to set media. Standard follow-up, the odd Editor lunch, maybe an event promo or product placement. Bang, job done. Boring. No thought required. The client gains minimal exposure, no building of brand or community, and the PR Agency ticks the same lazy boxes month-end.

Scene 2: A sparky approach, involving placing the same client on facebook, twitter, online news forums, search-optimised articles in the right places (ergo, where customers hang out) alongside exclusive editorial offers to one or two highly-relevant print-based editors. Add a mix of blogging for the client, a bit of viral marketing – and watch the sparks fly. Great result.

If your PR isn’t injected with creativity, what results do you hope to gain? Are you happy to settle for average? Thought not.


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