The main reasons why editors will automatically bin your media relations could well be from the following no-no list:

1. Your press release isn’t actually relevant to the readership

2. You don’t have an interesting, unique or different story to tell

3. The press release is just a worded version of a sales pitch

4. You have missed the editorial deadline – or don’t even know when that is

5. You haven’t read the publication (online or offline) and have submitted a poor attempt at gaining column inches

6. You haven’t found out the name and email of the editor and have sent a generic, no-named email

7. You haven’t submitted accompanying images in high-quality, professional format with your press release

8. Your feature ideas are not backed up with case study examples

9. Your facts and statistics contained in the press release are not attributed

10. The press release is, basically, poorly-written and would take too much work to turn into a decent editorial piece

Any 1 or more of the above points combined will pretty-much guarantee you a strike-out. Guilty?!


At least , it will according to this today. bravo, I say.

Clients utilising the power, wisdom and creativity of smaller players, individuals and the like for solid creative solutions to get their messages out there? Sure, the big Agencies will be crapping it, but the small yet perfectly formed operators will be cheering as they get the opportunity to bite bigger corporate comms cherries.

Long overdue. Complacent Agencies watch out – the wisdom is in the hands of the Client these days.

In the best possible Karmic sense, when you give you receive. And although that may not always translate to cold, hard cash in business, this is the part of the KickStart Comms blog where we’re going to give you stuff for free – namely free PR exposure.

Got a story to tell? New business launch, product or service to promote, recruited a brilliant team member, won a wonderful new contract…? Anything you’d like to get out there, across our Network and out into the wider blogosphere? Email us your story!

Bearing in mind that WordPress named us as one of the fastest growing blogs recently, it could well benefit your business and give you valuable additional free exposure at a time when, let’s face it, we all need a helping hand in business. Our gift to you.

Let us spread your good news! Email your press release to us at and we’ll happily post it on this part of the blog for you with our blessings. Don’t forget to include your company’s contact details, email address, URL and phone number. Whilst we can’t guarantee you oodles of extra sales, it’s a good start in pushing traffic and attention to you.

All editorial submitted needs to be of genuine value and readership interest: any sales pitches plastered onto press releases will be rejected – obviously. Real news, real value, and real benefits for our readers please.

Top 10 tips here from a seasoned Editor for PRs to observe and use – excellent stuff!

“Here’s a starting point: if I had to define the Top 10 things to remember in delivering good PR to the media, they would be:

1. Remember it is the story that counts, not the ego

2. The editor is not your pal, he is a media professional looking for editorial of interest to a discerning and fussy readership

3. Your PR will be competing with many other stories and news items hourly

4. Make sure you have something different, interesting and unique to offer

5. Get to know your target publications and media thoroughly before you make any direct PR-based contact

6. If your PR gets knocked back the first time, deal with it. Be persistent and take a different angle next time

7. Make sure you supply outstanding images with all PR submitted

8. Remember that there are different rules of media engagement for online vs. offline media

9. PR yourself widely, across as many sources, publications, forums, blogs, tweets as possible

10. Get ready to deliver consistent, month-after-month PR. One-off hits usually under-deliver”

And here’s a great example!

Feeling optimistic yet?

August 19, 2009

Well, according to this, you should be.

I suspect it will take more time for optimism to radiate through the majority of Comms firms, but it’s encouraging to see.


Looking at this one wonders whether the ongoing Media-scrutinised battle between Peter and Jordan will actually ever end.

Hey, not that I am cynical, but:

1. The Press love it, sells more papers and mags

2. The readers love it, after all a good gossip is essential these days

3. The celebrities’ PRs love it, gives them justification for their Retainers

But, looking at the bigger picture – it’s not about who wins. We all lose. If PR is reduced to gossip and circulation-boosting by any means, rather than REAL people stories…what’s the future for the average PR piece or individual trying to promote themselves? The winners and losers look pretty clear to me.

If your blog is floundering, or you’re not sure where to start, this excellent post highlights the growth and benefits of taking a hyper-local stance with your blogging. Superb links and trend-spotting from Matt Wardman.

The debut of Karmic PR!

August 10, 2009

Read all about it here – you might like it…