Is the value of PR input devalued by bloggers and tweeters?

September 20, 2009

Possibly, according to this item.

The profileration of blogs is opening up the PR sourcing process, and many traditional PRs see it as a threat not an opportunity. From my own background, I view anything which adds value to a story or debate a good thing – particularly if it comes from the grassroots level, the readership. The audience has a valid say too, you know. It’s not just the domain of the polished PR.

More so, if we claim as PR representatives that the only valid editorial inputs come from the trained Hacks sitting in out-dated corporate publishing structures, rather than acknowledging the inherent value and relevance of those on the ground, actually in the news itself, we are limiting the full scope of what journalism can be in the future. The debate needs to be open, and PRs can learn alot from the bloggers and tweeters online passing on real-time content.

Maybe, as the increase in PR copy into newspapers and magazines continues  – and let’s face it, with recession comes editorial cutbacks, forcing editors to rely more and more on whatever the PRs push in front of them – we’re going to come to rely on the other avenues of valuable copy contribution. Any PRs out there regularly scanning the blogs and tweets for inspiration?

I happen to believe that blogs and tweets are an incredibly-usefly part of the stream of news and feature input into any newsroom. But then again, you may be an old-school PR who isn’t used to being challenged, and who thinks you have the sole rights to conveying your clients’ news to the Press. It’s a brave new world online, jump in, the waters lovely.


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