KickStart Comms is powered by an NCTJ-qualified journalist and business magazine editor of 11 years’ standing, who has seen more poor PR than he cares to recall. The purpose of KickStart Comms is to educate and raise awareness of simple, straightforward and powerful PR tools which can be used by business novices and seasoned PR deliverers alike.

We charge appropriate and affordable fees for our consultancy and expect you to be totally delighted with the delivery we provide. We also offer DIY PR Courses and a PR Coaching Programme for those looking to deliver their own PR on limited budgets.

Any questions are welcomed, and the aim of the site remains unfaltering: to provide straightforward solutions in a complex, credit-crunched business world.

No spin. No bull. No champagne and sushi lunches. Just straight-talking, sales-generating advice.

Notable achievements:

* Every client engaged in a six-month PR Campaign with us has seen significant, multiple publication. Every client.

* Consumer-based client sold out of a product promoted in a daily newspaper from our PR editorial within 48 hours.

* Fledgling recruitment Agency achieved global PR coverage on a budget of less than £1,000 from our first PR Campaign for them.

* Chairman Thomas Power received more than 5,000 unique visitors to the blog we created for him. In under six weeks.

* Consultant received £30,000 like-for-like daily newspaper coverage each and every month from our six-month PR Campaign for him.

* We have promoted 60 clients across three continents, utilising only ex-journalists to produce and sell-in all PR editorial to online and offline Media.

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