Interesting question, as the ongoing economic downturn gives us all reasons and potential justifications to cut back on financial commitments in business. One of the first areas to see the axe or at least a significant reduction in budget is PR and Marketing – even the larger corporates, such as ITV, have made cutbacks: the broadcasting giant recently reduced its corporate comms team by half, in a desperate measure to save cash as advertisers continue to spend less and less across the company’s offerings.

As a small business, or certainly one not of the size and scale of ITV, you may well have been tempted to reduce your PR spend and limit the amount of marekting activities currently ongoing. Can you really afford to cut your PR budget though? Is it not more sensible to get more creative with your promotional Campaigns?

At a time when your key messages need to be seen and heard to not only reduce the focus on your competitors but also to remind existing customers that you can resolve their commercial pain with your superb solutions, it is crucial that creativity, imagination, resilience and entrepreneurship are utilised in your PR and Marketing efforts.

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