We deliver straightforward, simple and cost-effective PR, editorial, blogging & Marketing solutions that work hard and get our clients out there, in a targeted and professional way. The strongest examples of this focused delivery are:

1. KickStart Comms PR Programme:

MEDIA RELATIONS: The results speak for themselves and we launched a unique media relations programme for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs looking to promote new products and services, called the KickStart Comms PR Programme. The response has been staggering to this outstanding service.

The KickStart Comms PR Programme is saving clients thousands of pounds on advertising and promotional costs, including one piece of PR coverage which gained a client editorial that appeared on every news-stand on the Planet, via the global launch of Easy Living magazine and our amazing Team behind the scenes.

Good PR works hard to speak for itself.

2. BlogStart PR:

BLOG MANAGEMENT: Launched in September 2005, this fully-managed blogging service has taken the small business sector by storm, and our early-adopter clients have been really buzzed.

Seamlessly integrating professional PR, editorial weblog production, trackback and visitor reports, statistics, search engine keyword optimisation and delivering a truly powerful online PR presence, BlogStart PR was the first fully-managed blogging service for smaller businesses to be launched in the UK.

Ecademy.com Chairman Thomas Power enjoyed more than 5,000 visitors to his BlogStart PR Blog in less than six weeks of it going live – with our technical expertise, this became 5,000 opportunities to win business, as well as increasing online market share and dominating a niche in the market.

BlogStart PR – Changing the way business talks business.

3. CopyStart:

COPYWRITING: A simple, three-step service designed to deliver consistent, cost-effective content solutions for clients, whether through editorial online or within marketing collateral. The process takes 48 hours from start to finish, as with all our editorial procedures, and is simple, straightforward, and results-driven.

CopyStart – Editorial excellence, delivered by top-quality copywriters on time, every time and on budget.

4. KickStart Comms PR Club:

DIY PR: Another unique PR service: a dedicated query-response advice line by telephone and email, delivered within 48 hours of initial contact. For a minimal monthly fee, the client gets unlimited, direct access to the our top talent. Truly adding value.

If you have a media or PR-related question, but can’t afford a retained Consultancy or Agency, why not let us take the strain for you?

Responsive, direct and immediate solutions, from media experts to the heart of your business – YOU.

KickStart Comms PR Club – enabling businesses to inform themselves on the basics of PR.

5. KickStart Comms PR Online:

SEO PR: The same delivery and effectiveness of our ground-breaking KickStart Comms PR Programme, but delivered to online Media sources, from extensive databases worldwide. Launched in January 2007.

6. KickStart Comms Audit:

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Not sure which PR & Marketing activities are a priority for your business? Our Audit is the place to start. You tell us what you what the PR & Marketing objectives are for your business for the year, and we’ll tell you whether your current PR & Marketing Strategy is likely to deliver that for you. We’ll then supply you with a realistic 12-month PR & Marketing Strategy which will. That Strategy will be focused on your objectives, but more importantly, is tailored to your business, your target audience, and your PR & Marketing budget.

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