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Britain’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw launches relationship blog

When Deborah Lee’s friends told her to share her humorous dating experiences with the world, she decided to launch her online journal as ‘This is how I see it’.

The story? Deborah had found herself single again in her forties when her marriage broke down, and her first few dating experiences turned out less to be than perfect, as she explains:

“One day a friend told me I was an English version of Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex & The City, admittedly fifteen years on and post-divorce, but still analysing and dissecting relationships much to the amusement of my friends. I always enjoyed playing to an audience when telling my disastrous tales so I decided to do it online.”

“Economic and financial strain often causes relationships to breakdown; we tend to look for some sort of permanence when we venture out to date again, particularly when we are living in times of uncertainty. If we don’t find love quickly it can be disheartening and upsetting – hopefully my experiences will help raise a smile or two for those in similar situations,” adds Deborah.

Her growing personal confidence motivated her to pursue her writing, an interest that had followed her since school, and her relationship blog is now followed around the globe with a strong core of readers in New York and San Francisco as well as the UK, she claims.

Deborah is careful to respect the men she writes about, by creating alter egos – such as Mr Perfect, the unattainable surgeon she used as a yardstick of suitability, and Mr Distant Cynic, her long-term beau who became a friend.

“I’ve learnt that relationships are like skipping; jump too soon and you end up in one almighty tangle. I’m no dating expert, but to echo Thomas Edison, I know lots of ways it won’t work,” she adds.

‘This is how I see it’ can be read at

For further information, email Deborah at:


New social network unveiled in America

The launch of SHI Symbol in the US is the latest success story for the social network set, according to Managing Director Jan Pagonis.

Just as the iPhone has revolutionised communications, so SHI Symbol is that and more for the Singles of this world, Pagonis states.

SHI Symbol – SHI (pronounced SHY) being acronym for Single, Happy, Interested is a Universal Meeting People tool – a symbol to say just that that can be used or worn 24/7 anywhere, anytime. The branding has been described by the Managing Director of an Internet Industry company as a concept that gives one the :’ a “Flat forehead experience” – an experience that makes you slap your forehead in a moment of recognition of the simplicity and brilliance of a concept. In the end, your product is a very unique adornment that carries a ton of valuable information in three simple words – Single, happy, interested.’

SHI Symbol is now available worldwide and enjoys International recognition with its combining of the readily recognizable Mars/Venus gender symbols. The founders of SHI Symbol say it lets others know the user is Single and wants to meet others for friendship, dating, romance, the whole 10 yards. There are three designs – for heterosexuals, gays and lesbians, so it also lets others know in a subtle and classy way ones sexual preference. The founders say it simply takes the guesswork out of meeting people that is after all a numbers game for meeting one’s match. Current range includes jewelry, accessories and clothing.

Current Miss World Australia, Katie Richardson uses and loves the concept, and some recent collaborations involve Electric Bear Studios who recently released the latest Vampire series Slay Angels. A Chris Leyva Music Video involving SHI product is being released shortly and renowned Finance experts, Beauty and Fashion commentators are also interested.

“SHI Symbol is a brand that is all about empowering people to help themselves in meeting people, breaking down the communication barriers. We are particularly aiming the brand at the Singles market that except for online dating sites has been largely ignored. The stats for Singles in the US alone is staggering with over 100.9 million Singles,” says Pagonis, Managing Director of SHI Symbol International.

SHI Symbol’s Free Emag is highly regarded by members and businesses alike, and with a SHI Symbol provides the perfect package for Singles to Meet Their Match according to Kimberly Dawn Neumann, Relationship and Dating Author, Coach and Broadway actress.

Critics say this trendsetting communication tool is set to revolutionise the way Singles meet one another, much the same way online dating did 10 years ago – except SHI Symbol can work with this and in all one’s everyday activities 24/7, to help people meet their match easily, concludes Pagonis.

For further information, contact:
Jan Pagonis, Managing Director
Skype: shi.symbol

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