‘No messing. A true ex-journo who really knows his stuff. Highly recommended.’

– Simon Apps, Managing Director, Professional Images Limited

‘Chris is excellent for all Public Relations and Comms, witty, caring, intellectual but can also see the words from our view, handles massive amounts of disparate inputs and come back with tangible, interesting reading, informative views – that mean we see the strength of our own knowledge.

Once you have worked with Chris, then to find an alternative will be like looking for gold at the end of a rainbow.’

– Keith Willett, Director, Sanderson & Neale Group Limited

‘Chris worked as a Consultant for us for a six-month media relations Campaign, and the value of hiring a qualified business editor has been immense for us. On a basic level, the practice gained multiple publications across our target Media, including daily newspapers, online news portals and monthly glossy magazines. The like-for-like ROI in advertising spend alone more than paid for the PR monthly fees.

On other levels, however, working with Chris gave us so much more. Hiring an ex-business editor was a wise move, which gave us incredible insights into the PR and media processes, and enabled us to understand the workings of both the PR industry and world of Press relations.

Hiring a PR person can often be seen as a hit-and-miss exercise, but we remain confident that in working with an ex-journalist of Chris’s calibre we made an important and positive addition to our business promotions. Chris worked hard to get us out there in the public eye and in front of our customer base.  We had countless clients commenting on the PR they had seen in various publications, and we know this was through Chris’s efforts alongside our integrated marketing campaigns during the campaign.’

– Carol Somerville-Roberts, Founder, Evolve Dentistry

‘I am writing to express my admiration for Chris and would definitely use his services again. Chris worked on drumming up publicity for a documentary screening and workshop in Bristol. The results were amazing: in less than 10 days, he had secured coverage in daily newspapers, glossy magazines, the BBC, as well as a host of specialist feature journalists.

He was so persistent and focused, guiding us on the intricacies of media interviews, tweaking copy, advising on PR angles and de-mystifying the entire media process. It has been a wonderful PR exercise and his direct, straight- talking approach added real value – obviously, employing a qualified journalist paid dividends for us and gave us insights into successful PR.’

Jacki Hill-Murphy, Founder, Pink Ginger Films

‘The future of corporate blogging aligns with the future of how businesses will promote themselves online. Our KickStart Comms Blog delivered more than five thousand visitors in less than six weeks – this service, quite simply, works.

It is going to be huge. Absolutely awesome! Grab this amazing opportunity before your competitors start using it.’

– Thomas Power, Chairman, Ecademy.com

‘We have been hugely impressed with the results delivered by the KickStart Comms PR Programme: the first Press Release produced was approved by us on a Thursday – and was in print, in full, in the business pages on Monday. What a great result!’

– Jeremy Humphries, Sales Director, Internet Design Limited

‘If you want to have a PR man on your side who’s enthusiastic and loves his job, is passionate about getting your name where you want it seen, and is knowledgeable and totally dedicated to providing a quality service – then my tip is speak to Chris before you speak to anyone else. You won’t regret it!

The KickStart Comms PR package is a unique and really powerful proposition – it demonstrates that you don’t have to be a corporate to aspire to be in the Public eye.’

– Neal Parkinson, Managing Director, Icon Business Solutions (South West) Limited

‘Once the feature produced had been published, the health reporter was inundated with public inquiries. We sold out of the product promoted in the editorial within 48 hours.

KickStart Comms delivered outstanding PR on time and at excellent value. Incredible!’

– Reyna Knight, Distributor, Forever Living Products PLC

‘There is a trend emerging where “companies increasingly assume that what they stand for, in an enduring sense, is more important than what they sell”. Most people would expect this shift to come from the captains of industry and the big brands.

Some have started, but it’s the small companies like KickStart Comms that are racing away.

Chris is one of the finest runners in that race.’

– Leon Benjamin, Author of Winning By Sharing

‘KickStart Comms deliver media relations results that are simply amazing. The HR Dept Limited received coverage that would have cost our business more than seven thousand pounds, had we purchased a similar-sized advertisement in the featured daily newspaper.’

– Sue Tumelty, Managing Director, The HR Dept Limited

‘Chris is a truly genuine character whom I have personally had the pleasure of working with in both a PR and a Design capacity. He took on a rather unusual PR project for me, where all other PR agencies refused to acknowledge there was any worth or angle in the story – Chris saw beyond this and treated it as a personal challenge – which is why, nearly 18 months later, I am still working closely with him both professionally and as a good friend. There are people in life who take the obvious and the easy route – then there is Chris.

Contact him if you feel you need a spark of enthusiasm to promote you – you’ll find nobody better or more reliable; Chris will work just as hard to elevate your profile in the marketplace as he does his own company, and it is in his nature to GIVE without thought of receiving.

Take one thought away with you if you meet Chris – he loves his craft with a passion! – that’s good enough for me.’

– Simon May, Creative Director, Ideas Of The Mind LLC

‘KickStart Comms get results: the six-month campaign has delivered front page and significant business coverage in four daily newspapers EVERY month.

The published PR has also sparked other Media to contact us, including radio interviews, and the Press now contact us for commentary in our sector as issues come into the UK spotlight. All of this in six months – a fabulous delivery of PR.

There is no way OPC Limited could have paid for the exposure delivered by KickStart Comms through conventional advertising – or even through conventional PR for that matter: The exposure has been worth a minimum of £30,000 each month in advertising spend alone. The service has added so much value.’

– Bob Hayward, Managing Director, OPC (UK) Limited

‘Chris is a very special guy. He undersells and over delivers, this a rare commodity indeed. I appeared in the three different papers on four separate occasion, this is an amazing result, thank you Chris. I also now have fantastic press releases which I use all the time. Time, money and energy spent with Chris are an excellent investment, do it.’

– David Harris, Managing Director, Acorns 2 Oaks Limited

‘Chris does great work for his clients. I’ve seen many an article that he’s placed in the papers thanks to his hard work on their behalf.’

– Sophie Chalmers, Managing Director, Active Information Limited

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