Why aren’t you getting media coverage?

April 4, 2009

The main reasons why editors will automatically bin your media relations could well be from the following no-no list:

1. Your press release isn’t actually relevant to their readership

2. You don’t have an interesting, unique or different story to tell

3. The press release is just a worded version of a sales pitch

4. You have missed the editor’s deadline – or don’t even know when that is

5. You haven’t read the publication (online or offline) and have submitted a poor attempt at gaining column inches

6. You haven’t found out the name and email of the editor and have sent a generic, no-named email

7. You haven’t submitted accompanying images in high-quality, professional format with your press release

8. Your feature ideas are not backed up with case study examples

9. Your facts and statistics contained in the press release are not attributed

10. The press release is, basically, poorly-written and would take too much work to turn into a decent editorial piece

Any 1 or more of the above points combined will pretty-much guarantee you a strike-out with the Media. Guilty?!


4 Responses to “Why aren’t you getting media coverage?”

  1. Nikki said

    Very useful – I see people fail on one or more of these all the time – I’ll be sure to send this out to my clients!

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Nikki

    Please do! If it helps, that’s a great bonus.

    I’m extending the 101 Media Relations tips blog here too – maybe to a 299 PR Tips thingy for your site, if it helps and adds value?

    Best wishes as always!

  3. I really should have these on my screen saver, so I don’t write a release before I read them through.
    Thanks to Nikki Pilkington for directing me to your page.
    Best wishes, Mike

  4. bristoleditor said

    Hi Mike

    Hope you’re well.

    Many thanks for the inputs – much appreciated, and pleased you’ve found the information of use. Also check out the Media Relations 101 post here for more too!



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